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7. Podcast: The Society of Camera Operators at Panasonic Hollywood

Recently, our own Clint Milby hosted a panel of Society Of Camera Operators members David Sammons, SOC and Pedro Guimaraes, SOC at Panasonic Hollywood, where they discussed their careers as operators in the industry and also how Panasonic supports filmmakers of all levels.

David Sammons, SOC has over a hundred credits listed on IMDB as a camera operator for features and television shows like LET’S BE COPS, KEY & PEELE, SHAMELESS and, most recently, Hulu’s FUTURE MAN. Pedro Guimaraes, SOC hales from Brazil and operates Steadicam and underwater rigs with over fifty camera operator credits.

From left to right, Laurence Nunn of Panasonic, David Sammons, SOC, Pedro Guimaraes, SOC and Clint Milby of

Panasonic’s Laurence Nunn also sat in on the panel to provide clarity and more info on the Panasonic gear used by our SOC members.  Nunn has almost thirty years in the industry much of which was spent as a technician, manager and trainer for Panavision. He currently works at Panasonic where he serves as the Manager of Cinema Development.

For more information about the Society of Camera Operators, including how to join, go to the website at

To find out more about Panasonic Professional products, including the Varicam and the all-new EVA1, their website is

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Written by Clint Milby

For more information, go to his website at


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