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Premiere Pro World: Dave Helmly & Adobe’s Tech Timeline

One of the highlights of the opening session for Premiere Pro World was the section “History Of Premiere Pro”, where we were lead down memory lane for a look at some of the various versions of Premiere Pro and the technology they operated on. Afterwards we were able to speak with Adobe’s Dave Helmly more about the technology of yesteryear and what it was like using it with some of those past Premiere versions.

After seeing the “History Of Premiere Pro”, Dave Helmly notes that it was great having people talk about the various iterations of the product. Everyone had a story of which version they started on, from 1.0 to Creative Cloud, and it always led to their memories of editing through the years on Premiere. Helmly was actually using his own Premiere Pro 1.0 box and floppy disc to demo for attendees, along with some of the old technology that Premiere Pro ran on. With that, the conversation moved completely to the technology that was used with Premiere Pro. From ATTO to Pinacle, once again everyone had many memories of editing rigs of years past, many of which people pieced together themselves.


Then Dave Helmly took us way way back to demo Premiere Pro 1.0 itself. It is deffinitely an interesting sight seeing where this powerful editing tool came from, with all its little quirks. For example 1.0 was unable to scrub footage, meaning you had to let it play the entire clip to preview anything. Helmly even showed us the 1.0 version of After Effects as well, pointing out how powerful it was even for 1992. When you see the way these programs started, it’s amazing to think that now it requires very little effort by comparison to start editing. As Helmly points out “I never thought it would be as ‘plug and play’ as it is today. Back then it took all these Radius, SuperMac and ATTO cards and all this configuration”. Nowadays? Simply got to the Adobe website, check your specs and download. Combine that with a quick output and we’re light years beyond where we were when Premiere Pro first launched.


For those unfamiliar with him, Dave Helmly is one of the definitive Adobe gurus. He has his own blog at Adobe called DAV’s TechTable with a wealth of knowledge on Premiere Pro, as well as its companion YouTube channel.

You can find out more about Adobe and Premiere Pro at

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Check out Future Media Concepts at, as they put on an amazing weekend that we can’t wait to repeat next year!

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  1. Trying to find Adobe’s Dave Helmly email address,

    Dave it’s been a very long time, I had bad accident
    that screwed up my shoulder, now live in California.
    We used to see your demos in Washington DC
    Why we moved here I just can’t say now
    we where freaked out by the Bio-Threats War
    in Washington D.C. We had Gas Mask in the car
    (I was less than a ¼ mile from Pentagon doing a
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    machine guns because I had long hair)
    We just did not like living that way

    No longer have my old Godaddy email account that
    I used to communicate with you. Please can I get your
    address & any other contact info you would not mind me having
    Thank You

    Tim Slater wife M. Renee Slater

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