Redrock Micro Releases New Blue UltraCage For BlackMagic Cinema Camera


Redrock Micro has done it again!  With it’s new “Blue” line of ultraCage and rigs for the BlackMagic Cinema Camera, you are able to choose how much cage is right for you and your budget.

The ultraCage can be purchased in three configurations:

-Baseplate-only – Providing the camera with a secure mount and industry-standard 15mm bottom rails for accessories such as a follow focus or mattebox.

-Top plate-only – A rugged top plate for mounting camera-top accessories (including a cold shoe channel) and top handle for increased stability and convenience.

-Full Cage – Delivers the full 360 cage along with the baseplate and top plate, providing complete top/bottom support and protection.

The ultraCage  price starts at $499.00 on Redrock’s official site


Also, aside from the ultraCage, 3 complete rigs are also available:

-UltraEvent BMCC – Balanced, compact rig for handheld shooting. ($1061.50)

-Ultra Field Cinema Bundle BMCC – Shouldermount designed for comfortable, all-day shooting. ($1219.50 )

-UltraEyeSpy BMCC – Shouldermount designed for rear LCD operator monitoring.


For more on the new Redrock ultraCage, check out their official site

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