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Redrock Micro’s New microRemote Accessories at EVS Street Expo 2014

We were able to catch up with Redrock Micro at the EVS Street Expo this past weekend, where Brian Valente talked to us about their numerous new products, upgrades and updates.

microRemote Update

Particularly in response to customer wanting to use the Redrock microRemote with newer gimbals on the market (such as the DJI Ronin), Redrock has focused on improving its remote follow focus. Its new 2.0 firmware allows you to “dial out backlash”, regardless of its source, in addition to many other features. This firmware is free and available for all microRemote customers on the Redrock Micro website.


flex-cablesFlex Cables

Super flexible and lighter than their previous cables, Redrock Micro’s new Flex Cables will be offered as an upgrade to the microRemote cables, with special packs for the Movi and Ronin gimbals as well. These cables make rigging any gimbal much easier, letting you make all the connections you need without weighing down your rig with a bunch of tangled mess. There will be a motor cable, power cable and a 50 inch fingerwheel cable that will run along the frame of your gimbal. While price and availability aren’t confirmed just yet, Brian mentions a single pack of cables will run about $200.

Wireless Fingerwheel


Redrock also showed us their wireless fingerwheel, allowing you to go completely cordless while giving you super precise response to your Fingerwheel movements. You simply plug your fingerwheel into the new device, which transmits the movements via a wireless signal into the microRemote. The wireless fingerwheel will also be able to work on jibs, cranes and the like due to its healthy range. The Wireless Fingerwheel will cost about $400.

You can find out about all of these microRemote upgrades and more in our interview above, as well as at

Canon EOS 7D Mark II
The EOS 7D Mark II & the Redrock Micro Black Series DSLR Rig

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