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*UPDATE* Videomaker Spotlight Award Goes To Redrock Micro's New One Man Crew

*UPDATE* Redrock Micro’s new and amazing production tool, One Man Crew, has been issued Videomaker’s Spotlight Award. The Spotlight Award is Videomaker’s way of giving “…recognition to companies and products that are innovative, well-designed and affordable…” at NAB.


It’s not really surprising that the One Man Crew won the prestigious award. The surprise is that it happened so soon! Usually these awards are given out at the end of the show, but the sheer wonder of the One Man Crew must have been too much for Videomaker to pass up. Who can blame them? It’s a masterful piece of machinery.

You can see it at Redrock Micro’s booth, C11539, as well as coming soon here on HDSLR Shooter.

Redrock Micro’s New One Man Crew: Full Crew With One Tool

Redrock Micro has announced the release of their new One Man Crew. This new “parabolic slider” is the first of its kind, and offers smooth and elegant motion with the push of a button.

The One Man Crew can be set up in moments, and is super compact, making it the perfect choice for “…corporate interviews, documentaries, and production/tabletop video.”


The track is 36″ long, but camera movements can be set in smaller intervals. The One Man Crew makes sure all subjects remain in focus, as well as stationary in frame using its “intuitive laser alignment guides”. It can perform camera speed changes in real time, and can control speed, as well as start, stop, and change direction, all at the push of a button. The big key here however is that it does thiss all without any operator involvement, keeping involvement to a minimum.

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The One Man Crew can be utilized to great effect for “…corporate, documentary, interviews, [and] product/tabletop photography”, making it a versitile tool, and more useful for those who do many different types of image capture. As Redrock Micro states:

The One Man Crew is the perfect addition for small crews doing corporate or documentary interviews that require fast setups and great images. One Man Crew can be used with a single camera for a high-end production feel, or on a second camera for cutting between shots with additional footage. One Man Crew’s smooth, controlled, repeatable motion is also great for product and tabletop photography and adds that extra sparkle.


The One Man Crew sets up in minutes, and canbe completely set up by one person. It can be mounted on a tripod using its 1/4-20 or 3/8-16 holes. The unit is production ready out of the box, and includes a “heavy load tilt head [that] works with virtually any camera” and holds up to 20 pounds. The One Man Crew is powered by its included AC power adapter, and comes with a soft carrying case. 


The One Man Crew is now availible for pre-order at $1,495.00, and can be found at

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