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Redrock Micro’s RetroFlex & ultraCage – Blackmagic Day LA


There are a lot of great rigs out for the Blackmagic cameras, but some of our favorites definitely come from Redrock Micro. So what better subject to talk about at the Blackmagic Day LA event then what Redrock has in the way of support? Redrock Micro’s Rachel Howard was on hand to talk about a couple of support options for the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera and original Blackmagic Cinema Camera.

Rachel Howard first showed us the new RetroFlex, a cage based rig for the Pocket Cinema Camera. Just as the name suggests, the RetroFlex transforms the BMPCC into a camera similar to an old 8mm. Rachel notes that the magnetic viewfinder on back helps with the BMPCC’s small screen. There’s also a start/stop button on the handle, so all it takes is the squeeze of your index finger start rolling. Redrock even offers separately a ‘cable lock’ mechanism that helps prevent your cables from falling or being yanked out.

The ultraCage is Redrock’s answer for the Blackmagic Cinema Camera. As Rachel aptly describes it, their “adult Lego” rig helps bring out even more versatility in an already versatile camera. The cage fits both the 2.5k and 4K versions of the BMCC, and add numerous 1/4-20 mounts along the sides of the camera, something we could always use more of. You can even add handles, grips, rods and more to customize your rig to exactly what you need. And it’s quick to do, so the same rig can get you through multiple different shots and setups.

The RetroFlex rig for the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera will be shipping soon for $495, with an additional $75 for the cable lock feature.

The ultraCage is available now starting at $499, with a multitude of options and configurations available.

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