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San Francisco SuperMeet 2013: ATOMOS Ninja-2

It’s a Full Res Recorder, It’s a Monitor and it’s Totally Affordable!


I recently attended the San Francisco SuperMeet 2013, and I’m certainly glad I did.  Beyond the great location, great people, great seminars, there was an opportunity to get up close and personal with some of the latest toys of the industry.

One product I’m really excited about is the ATOMOS Ninja-2, which records uncompressed footage via the HDMI on your camera to a harddrive.  But that’s not all, you can actually watch the footage live through a monitor which is also a control panel which allows you to record and play back your footage via the touch screen.

Heather Williams of ATOMOS breaks it all down, and you won’t believe how feature packed the Ninja-2 is.  However, when you add up the value of the device, it becomes clear, ATOMOS is essentially giving away three hundred dollars worth of accessories, making the Ninja-2 an amazing bargain just $995.
To find out more, go to their website at

More from the ATOMOS website:

  • Recording from any HDMI source – DSLRs, PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone
  • Eliminating the need for capture cards and wasted time logging and capturing by avoiding the lossy, time consuming capture-to-edit process
  • Bypassing the image-degrading compression needed to squeeze HD onto in-camera flash storage like P2, SxS, SDHC etc
  • Providing limitless and cheap storage through the use of abundant removable 2 ½ inch hard disks
  • Including all accessories in one rugged case – Batteries, Chargers, Disk Caddies and a PC/Mac docking station
  • Recording to a high quality editing codec at the camera, in the field: simple.


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  1. Nice presentation, but as I understand it, if the camera records 8-bit the recorder will only record that 8-bit stream as 10-bit, but it will not add any additional bit depth.

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