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Sell Your Animated Series With Help From The Industry Workshops

On Saturday March 12th The Industry Workshops is hosting Executive Producer and Development Consultant Rita Street to give you some “secret tips” on how to “fully develop your concept into a sellable pitch for producers, studios and networks.”


Street will cover several subjects to help pull your animated show together, such as:

  • How To Develop A “Character-Based” Show
  • The Elements of an Animated TV Series Pitch Bible
  • How To Write Great Springboards
  • How To Write Great Loglines
  • How To Break Into Animation & Land A Pitch
  • How to create an animated show in a sellable format
  • How to develop a strong hero character
  • How to get a pitch meeting


Street has also offered to do her best to provide feedback on anyone’s current concept, albeit brief due to time and attendance constraints. So if you’re a writer, director, producer, animator, artist, voice-over actor, actor or anyone else looking to get into animation, this workshop will be a great way to help realize that vision further.

As usual, the workshop is $35 for attendance and you’ll need to bring a pen and paper as there will be writing assignments. The Industry Workshops is also offering the workshop as a downloadable video for the same price.

While this is a great offer for those simply unable to attend, I have to stress that a BIG draw of The Industry Workshops events are that you get to network with people working in the industry right now. This is invaluable to this line of work and is only possible if you attend in person. So I HIGHLY recommend those able to do so sign up fast.

You can find more info and sign up at

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