SnapFocus Follow Focus System Taking DSLR Filmmaking To The Next Level


There’s a new invention on the market (well, ALMOST on the market) to help any DSLR shooter pull focus while keeping their shot steady.  It’s called, the SnapFocus.


The SnapFocus by Midas Mount is a revolutionary grip mechanical focus system that allows the camera operator to pull focus by using the levers on the grips of his or her should rig.  This allows the user to add high quality production value to their projects.  It really is a genius invention, and I can’t think of a DSLR filmmaker who wouldn’t benefit from this device.  The SnapFocus can also be used on other cameras like the RED and the ARRI Alexa.

When I said ALMOST on the market, I meant it.  SnapFocus has set up a Kickstarter page to raise money to bring their DSLR invention to the market.  Their goal was $20,000 but they’ve raised nearly $69,000 with 5 days to go.

Several major Hollywood players like JJ Abrams, Jimmy Hayward, and Biagio Messina have already given SnapFocus outstanding reviews.

The KickStarter page has a video explaining the Snap Focus, examples shot with the SnapFocus, and information on how you can get your own SnapFocus System by pledging some startup cash today!  Remember, you only have 5 days left.

Check out the SnapFocus Kickstarter page

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