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SNL’s Alex Buono On The Atomos Shogun & His ‘Visual Storytelling 2’ Tour

While attending Alex Buono’s awesome ‘Visual Storytelling 2’ tour, we managed to grab a quick few minutes to talk about the philosophy of his tour and his use of the Atomos Shogun.

One of the things that made Buono’s tour so great was the availability and simplicity of the products he showcased during the tour. “It’s really important to me that anything I’m showing you guys today is accessible and it’s practical. You can find it in your rental house or you can get it yourself”. This is a refreshing viewpoint, as we’ve seen numerous workshops that showcase products with thousands of dollars worth of equipment that are all but impossible for the attendees to get a hold of.

Also of particular note was Buono’s use of the Atomos Shogun recorder. A favorite of ours, the Shogun also appeals to Buono. “It’s a tremendous 4K recorder. What I like about it is it’s also a tremendous high resolution monitor. It’s got all the scopes I need… I’m evaluating my image using those scopes and I just need a monitor that I can rely on, that can be color calibrated… It’s got all the things I need in an on board monitor.”

The Atomos Shogun in use on one of our upcoming videos.


For more of Alex Buono’s insights see our video above. Be sure to also check out our coverage of Alex’s ‘Visual Storytelling 2’ tour here:

For more information on said tour, be sure to visit, where you can still purchase a DVD/download of the tour if you were unable to catch it the first time around.

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