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Space Command: A Rollicking SciFi Adventure From Marc Zicree

The brainchild of veteran science fiction author, television writer and screenwriter Marc Zicree, Space Command is a fascinating “…series of new and original feature films written, produced, directed by and starring some of the top science-fiction visionaries working today.”

Zicree has brought together some of the most notable names in sci-fi entertainment, such as Doug Jones, Robert Picardo, Mira Furlan, and more. Having gained $221,267 (notably more than their original goal of $75,000), Space Command is nearly done with shooting, and is actually a series of feature films under the same Space Command title.

The Space Command series will “…follow the bold future adventures of the United Planet’s Space Command, a dedicated group of scientists, soldiers and adventurers exploring and taming the vast expanse of our solar system for human colonization”. The entire series is meant to evoke the pure fun and adventure of yesteryear, only with engaging characters and high level effects.

Space Command’s trailer has met with enthusiasm at this year’s Comic-Con, with support flowing in obviously from their backers on Kickstarter (I mean nearly three times their original goal!), as well as other Sci-fi/fantasy luminaries, such as Jane Espenson, Neil Gaiman, and Amber Benson.

You can check out the trailer for Space Command above for more, as well as visit

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