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Super Hero Webseries 'More Than Human' Kickstarter NEEDS Your Help To Save The World

Kickstarter and the other various crowd funding have been a rather mixed bag when it comes to results, let alone a stellar product. However there are a few projects that seem to really be what Kickstarter was made for. The projects that have talent, promise, and everything else they need to make a great work of art minus that one massively crucial thing: money. These projects are what Kickstarter is all about. Projects like ‘More Than Human’.


As we’ve mentioned before, ‘More Than Human’ is a web series from Carlos Tovar’s Fanboy Filmmaker, and is being billed as “Heroes for young adults”, and also compared to the likes of Fringe, Smallville, and Lost. After watching the teaser above, it looks to easily fit that description, perhaps filling a hole that was sort of left by the untimely demise of series such as Heroes (though some may debate that), Young Justice, and Alphas. I personally have been seriously hungry for a super hero show, especially a live action one. And if the teaser is any indicator then this series has more than promise, and looks to be an awesome series. Here’s a bit more about the story:

More Than Human” is an action/drama/sci-fi series about 5 teenagers who gain special abilities after drinking a mysterious serum.  This brings them into conflict with a government scientist and 3 beings from an alternate dimension.

During Season 1, Lindsey (Alexandra Mauro), William (Xavier Price), Morgan (Sadie Brook), Bryce (Scott Chase) and Eli (Rowland Sauls) discover their individual powers and experiment with how to use them.

As they are learning, Dr. James Worthington (Joe Grisaffi), a government scientist desperate to save his comatose teenage daughter, is threatened by Gabrielle (Brittany Djie), Elijah (Eric Schneider) and Samuel (Isaac Fenter).  They are beings from an alternate dimension with their own dangerous abilities and a shadowy connection to the serum.

When disaster strikes, the teenagers must rise to the challenge and enter into a secret battle that has existed for centuries.


However, that little tangle of financing their production is still up in the air. As it stands, episodes 1-5 are complete, with episodes 6-10 still needing funding. Enter Kickstarter, and you. Their bare minimum goal of $15,000 is outrageously low considering production costs on other productions, as well as in general. However their full budget is still a crazy low number of $28,000, and this lets them do crazy things like provide gas money to the cast and crew. As with all Kickstarter projects, the more you donate, the more they can do. Unlike all other Kickstarter projects however, this one actually holds real potential to be something great. So if you believe in web series, talented productions, and rewarding talented people who make a great product, then look no further than the ‘More Than Human’ Kickstarter.

Plus, you get stuff! Just like with every Kickstarter, they are offering all sorts of nifty prizes to backers, such as t-shirts, bracelets, dog tags, and even Co-Executive Producer credits for those who pledge more. Also interesting is a few pledge teirs that allow you to get your product , movie, website, etc. on screen in a sort of product placement way, which I think is a really cool bonus for those inclined. But they only have less than two more weeks! So go check it out!

MTH Kickstarter Rewards Graphic

You can find out more on their Kickstarter page at, and we’ve included some info below. So please, help make this series come true. Because I really need to see what happens.

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