Tag Your VariCam & VariCam LT With New Update From Panasonic

Panasonic has introduced a new theft deterrent Custom Splash Screen with their latest update for the VariCam and VariCam LT, allowing you to out your logo and information on the VariCam screen.

Panasonic proposes a new approach to the equipment theft issues which has always been a big headache for equipment owners in the industry. Custom Splash Screen is a theft deterrent measure for your VariCam using a digital name tag which customizes your splash screen with owner information. We protect your equipment. We care about your investment.

Custom Splash Screen is the application software for customizing the startup screen and registering the owner information of VariCam 35/HS, VariCam LT and VariCam PURE camera recorders. This software helps deter theft by using the customized Splash Screen as the owner’s digital name tag.

Tag My VariCam

The camera will have 2 visible and indelible marks of ownership.

  1. Custom Splash Screen
    During startup, the camera displays a custom splash screen. (CSS) You can personalize your flash screen with any logo, text, or graphics you like. (jpeg, png or bmp image) Once it is loaded, the information is password protected.
  2. Owner Information
    You can also input Owner Information including the name, address, and contact information of the equipment’s owner. Like the splash screen, the information cannot be changed except by entering the password.

New Feature / Specification

1. [35 | HS] CSS(Custom Splash Screen)
The display screen during the boot-up process (Splash Screen) can be customized to show a company’s logo, etc. This software helps deter theft by using the customized Splash Screen as the owner’s digital name tag.

  • Customize the Splash Screen as your company logo
  • Register owner information
  • Password setting


You can set a password to prevent rewriting of the above registered contents and to prevent updating / downgrade execution.
Click here to download Custom Splash Screen

2. [35 | HS] The time required for displaying GUI at boot-up is reduced.

3. [35 | HS] The size of the REC mark on OSD is increased.

4. [35 |    ] SYSTEM MODE can be changed by selecting the preset item.

5. [35 |    ] ISO BASE ([800B] / [5000B]) is displayed. (VF, MON OUT, LCD (VIEW))

6. [35 | HS] RESTART function is added to the control panel.
• RESTART button is added so that the camera can be rebooted by means of the control panel, instead of the power switch, after the system mode is changed.
• RESTART button is added so that the camera can be rebooted, after NETWORK SEL is changed.

7. [35 |    ] For the following settings where VFR is possible, VFR ON/OFF Switching feature is provided.

8. [35 | HS] Icons are added for indicating FF/REW playback.
The 16x high-speed playback function is added.

9. [35 | HS] The following compatible wireless LAN module is added.
D-Link DWA171 (Australia)


For more information and to download the update, visit

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