Take A Tour Of Panasonic Hollywood’s New Filmmakers Lounge

Panasonic’s Hollywood Lab has been open for several years now, offering workshops and events in the space a few times a year. However they recently expanded to include the new Panasonic Filmmakers Lounge, where filmmakers can come to have their equipment serviced, learn more about Panasonic cameras and more. We attended the grand opening and spoke with Panasonic’s Steve Milley on the new space, their service department and more.

Panasonic’s Filmmaker Lounge will be a place where they will host monthly seminars on a variety topics. These will include actual Panasonic users working in the industry, as well as events on post production, cinematography, camera operating and more. These events will begin this month, August 2018, with the VariCam & EVA – Working Together workshop, where cinematographer Hal Long will discuss his experience shooting with both camera systems on the Outdoor Channel series GunnyTime with R. Lee Ermey. Past events have been very valuable and a must attend for anyone looking to expand their craft and meet others in the industry looking to do so.

On top of that, Panasonic’s Filmmaker Lounge is also home to its in-house service department. As Steve Milley points out, “Panasonic’s one of the few manufacturers left that provides service in house of everything it makes”. Perfectly positioned for Hollywood filmmakers, the service department can be a great asset to Panasonic users to see their gear reliably serviced as it’s fast and conveniently located. It a simple process to create a ticket online and drop off the gear to be serviced, which also gives you a nice way to have your gear taken care of without boxing it up and shipping it off, fingers crossed it will return undamaged or at all.

You can check out Panasonic’s Filmmaker Lounge for yourself this week at the VariCam & EVA – Working Together workshop, Thursday August 16th from 6:30 to 9:00pm.

To arrange an appointment to visit the Filmmaker Lounge, you can call 323-436-3500.

For more on Panasonic products and services, simply visit

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