The 5D Mark III Hall of Fame Question


Canon changed the cinema landscape forever with their DSLR cameras. Although the level of quality may vary between each model based on each shooter’s perspective, one model seems to have risen above the rest to achieve an unprecedented level of acclaim: the 5D Mark III.

Versatile, balanced, affordable, and powerful, the 5D Mark III has become a favorite for many, including HDSLR Shooter’s own Clint Milby. It’s this popularity that has inspired questions such as “Does the Canon 5D Mark III belong in the DSLR Hall of Fame?” Now, the “DSLR Hall of Fame” is an ethereal social construct that is prime to change on a whim. However,the statement that this one camera should be regarded as one of the best of the best is still a testament to its quality.


And while we’re on the topic of quality, the folks who asked that very question, Imaging Resource, have done their best to provide one of the most EXTENSIVE reviews of the 5D Mark III that I think I’ve ever seen. It’s worth a look simply due to the effort they put into it, but their comparisons are useful for those looking for an in depth look at how the 5D Mark III measures up to its predecessors. They’re also very fair in the reviewing, and don’t overlook the problems the 5DMIII has.

You can check out their review and their argument for its inclusion in the “DSLR Hall of Fame” on their website,

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