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The Industry Workshops: Pitch Your Movie To Hollywood with Bob Kosberg

This weekend at CBS Radford in Studio City, California, The Industry Workshops will host another a workshop entitled “Pitch Your Movie To Hollywood” presented by Bob Kosberg. The workshop will be this Saturday, December 5th at 10AM and run for approximately 2 hours. Cost for the workshop is $35.

If you can’t attend in person, you can access this workshop on demand. The online video will be available for 1 week starting Sunday 12/6 at 5pm. Subscribers to this option will also get Bob’s contact information (as will the in-person folks) so they can send pitches or questions his way if need be.

Here’s more about the workshop from The Industry Workshops website:

You’ve got a great Hollywood movie that is perfect for today’s hottest A-list movie stars. If only you had the opportunity to put your project in front of the right decision-makers, then you could make your Hollywood dreams a reality. THIS IS YOUR BIG OPPORTUNITY!

In this 2 hour workshop, you’ll learn the art of Hollywood pitching from the “Pitch King” himself, Bob Kosberg (Producer, Twelve Monkeys, which starred Bruce Willis and Brad Pitt). Then you will get a chance to pitch your movie ideas for immediate consideration.

Pitches must be no longer than one minute, to give everyone a chance. If you have more than one idea, you can pitch several ideas in a row as long as you stay within your one minute time limit. In addition to feature film ideas, you can also pitch ideas for one-hour TV shows! Helpful Hint: Pitches that have a “high concept” are usually the most successful. That means it has a strong plot idea than can be easily summarized.

If your idea is good, then you could be setting up meetings the following week to put your movie project in motion. How do I know? Because I pitched a movie idea to Bob several years ago, and he set up a meeting with the biggest comedy actor in town two days later! Pitching a movie to Bob Kosberg is the quickest way to get your career in motion.

Let’s face it, if you don’t have $100 million dollars and a distribution company, then you’re going to have to work with a major Hollywood studio to get your film cast with stars, made, marketed, and distributed. The truth is, we all want to make movies with the big studios, but how do you get your foot in the door? Answer: Pitch your movie idea to Bob Kosberg. Bob will explain how movie deals work, how the studios work, and how you and your movie idea fits into the process.

This will be a great event. You will learn, be entertained, and make a great Hollywood contact!

By the end of this workshop, you will:
  • Know how to create a great movie pitch that Hollywood wants to buy.
  • Understand how the process works and how deals are structured.Have the opportunity to pitch your great idea for immediate consideration.
Who should attend:

Anyone with a great movie idea! Also, writers, producers, directors, and actors.

About the Speaker:

Robert Kosberg is known in Hollywood as one of the best idea men/producers in the business. He has sold over 75 feature film projects and currently has over a dozen movies in active development at the various studios. For the last fifteen years, Kosberg has had production term deals at all of the major studios in return for providing them with his feature material. His first produced movie was Arnold Schwarzenegger’s COMMANDO for 20th Century Fox, which grossed over $200,000,000 worldwide.

Kosberg’s projects have attracted talent such as Adam Sandler, Drew Barrymore, Ben Stiller, director Todd Phillips, and director Shawn Levy, among others.

To register, you can go to The Industry Workshops website at

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Written by Clint Milby

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