The Panasonic VariCam LT: Development, Functionality & More

We recently spent time with Panasonic at their latest VariCam Hollywood workshop, learning all about how the VariCam LT and VariCam 35 were alike. We spoke with Panasonic’s Panasonic Senior Technologist Steve Mahrer for more on the VariCam LT and its creation, high versatility and more.

VariCam LT Features

  • 35mm Single-Chip MOS Sensor
  • Lightweight & Compact design
  • 14+ Stops of Wide Latitude
  • Dual Native ISO of 800/5000
  • Native 4K/60p Shooting / 2K/HD 240p Slow Motion
  • In-Camera Color Grading
  • Expansive Color Gamut
  • V-LOOK and User Scene Files
  • Infrared Shooting (IR)
  • Detachable Control Panel with Monitor
  • Dual Codec (Main and Proxy) Recording
  • EF Mount
  • Monitoring Output Terminals provide down conversion to Full HD via two 3G HD-SDI outputs and one VF output (BNC) while shooting in 4K
  • Standard HD-SDI Interface for EVF
  • ND filters (CLEAR, 0.6, 1.2, 1.8)
  • Optional OLED electronic viewfinder (EVF) with optical zoom functionality
  • 24-bit LPCM audio for in-camera audio master recording
  • Focus Assist
  • Anamorphic lens desqueeze
  • Special REC functions (PreRec, interval, one-shot)
  • IP control via Panasonic’s AK-HRP200 camera remote controller
  • Built-in GPS



The VariCam LT is available now for $18,000, as well as in several packages that come with viewfinders, rigs, mounts and more. Panasonic is also offering 0% financing for two years, as well as $4,500 cash rebate on certain camera packages, such as the VariCam LT-VF, VariCam LT-PRO, VariCam LT-PROEX and VariCam LT-PROEX-B512 packages. This offer is only available through December 31, 2016 so you still have a bit of time to take advantage.

For more on all of this, as well as more about the VariCam LT, be sure to visit and

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