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The solidLUUV Compact 3-axis Camera Stabilizer Kickstarter Now Live

As we previously covered not long ago, the solidLUUV stabilizer for action cams, smartphones and digital compact cams was going to launch its Kickstarter campaign to raise money and take pre-orders for the device. That Kickstarter campaign is now live, and has acutally already soared past its goal of $113,034 with 37 days to go.


Made by the Berlin based LUUV, the solidLUUV has the following features:

Plug & Play

Change and adjust y our camera or smartphone quickly and easily thanks t o the flexible weight setups. The patented mechanism inside solidLUUV enables you to quickly and easily adjust the weights t o counterbalance the camera’s centre of gravity. LUUV also plans to offer preset weight setups so the user can simply insert another weight set and go, saving even more time.

Up & Down

Turn solidLUUV 180° t o discover exciting new perspectives and capture speed like never before.


solidLUUV is a one-handed camera stabilizer. You operate solidLUUV with y our thumb and index finger and maintain full control of motion with every movement.


The grip’s unique structure ensures that the natural vibrations from your hand are not transmitted to solidLUUV and your camera.


The custom-made Xiros bearing produced by our partner IGUS, world leader in polymer ball bearings, is the heart of solidLUUV. It
separates body movement from the camera and ensure maximum precision when filming.

Adjustment ring

By using the rotatable adjustment ring you can easily give solidLUUV the last tweak without changing the weight setup.

Aerodynamisches design

solidLUUV’s drop-shaped design not only facilitates most of its features but is also much less susceptible to wind than conventional
stabilizers. Its robust shell makes solidLUUV the perfect companion for outdoor adventures and filming while in motion.

Modular setup

Thanks to its modular setup you can even attach electronic stabilization modules and turn solidLUUV into a r evolutionary 2×3-axis


By adding LUUV’s optional electronic module, you can upgrade the solidLUUV into the more robust ultraLUUV, “the world’s first 2×3-axis stabilizer”.

The solidLUUV is available now on Kickstarter for roughly $110 for the independent unit and about $222 for the solidLUUV unit plus the electronic stabilization module used to create their ultraLUUV. However these prices are limited to Kickstarter, so you should head over to their Kickstarter now to grab yours while there’s still time:

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