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Transvergence Summit: John Cabrera On His Series With Bryan Singer, The Studio System & More

Of the many panels at the Transvergence Summit, one of the most interesting was “It Starts With Story”. Featuring Patric M. Verrone Producer of “Futurama”, Jay Bushman Producer/Writer of “The Lizzie Bennet Diaries”, John Cabrera creator of “H+: The Digital Series”, Rich Silverman of “Heroes Evolutions”, Tim O’Donnell writer on “4 to 9ers”, and Annie Wood creator of “Karma’s a B*tch”.

This illustrious group each presented their own ventures into new media and transmedia, and then gave their opinions on where they thought the platform is headed. It was particularly insightful because these were people actively working in transmedia, and had genuine insight into where it all seems to be headed. Whether web series, television, film, or some mix thereof, we got a well rounded (and humorous) glimpse into the future.


A couple of these panelists were willing to stop for a quick interview with Clint Milby, the first of which is John Cabrera. Cabrera may be recongnizable to some, as he’s been an actor for a little over a decade. However, in the last few years he’s transitioned into the writer/producer field, most notably with his own series “H+”. During their interview, Cabrera explains how “H+” came to be, and how he managed to get a show with such an unusual structure made within the studio system. He also describes his experiences with Warner Premiere and Bryan Singer’s (X-Men, X2, X-Men: First Class) Bad Hat Harry Productions, and how creative hopefuls may gain an audience with the right people to see their visions be come reality.

You can find the full interview on Clint Milby’s HDSLR Shooter channel at, but here’s a snippet:

During the Transvergence Summit in August, I was able to sit in on a great panel entitled, “It Starts With Story”.  There, panelists discussed what it takes to creat a great story in the world of new media.  The panel was filled with some of Hollywood’s best writers and show runners who discussed their experience working in transmedia storytelling across multiple platforms.  After the session concluded, I was fortunate enough to get a few moments with panelist and actor/writer/director, John Cabrera.

*Interview shot with the Blackmagic Cinema Camera

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