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USA Today’s 70D & 60D Auto-Focus Showdown

USA Today’s Jefferson Graham gives a very good, very bite sized comparison of the upcoming 70D and its predecessor, the 60D. In his preview, Graham starts off by addressing the 70D’s hype by saying “We got our hands on a pre-production model, which we’ve been using since July, and can report that the hype is real. The camera is that good”. Bold words.

Graham’s video focuses on the 70D auto focus, a feature that seems to be the biggest draw of the new DSLR. As you can see above, the 60D’s seconds long auto-focus is blown away by the 70D’s touch screen focusing. And Graham makes sure to mention that it works just as well for shooting stills as well.

The secret behind this ability is the 70D’s 20 megapixel “dual-pixel autofocus” sensor. As Graham explains, “…in the past, the pixels on the image sensor were used just to capture the image, but now they also assist in focusing”. He also mentions that the focus beats even the ever popular 5D Mark III, though there are still a few key drawbacks.

First is it’s issue with low light, in that a lot of noise will show in anything over 1600 ISO. Graham’s only other downside is how the wi-fi is “…very cumbersome to set up”.

It’s a great little comparison, and definitely worth a look for those who are interested in picking up the 70D in the next few weeks. Be sure to see all that Jefferson Graham has to say at

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