WATCH: Catching Fire – Claudio Miranda, ASC On Crafting The Fiery Imagery Of “Only The Brave”

As wild fires raged all around us in California this past winter, Band Pro Digital & Film’s perfectly timed interview with “Only The Brave” DP Claudio Miranda, ASC at the Dolby Cinema Vine Theatre in Hollywood gave us insight into crafting a movie about the very same type of disaster, as well as Miranda’s work as a whole.

In a visually motivated medium, it pays to have a style all your own. Claudio Miranda, ASC certainly has just that, with some of our time’s most visually striking films as part of his body of work: “The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button”, “TRON: Legacy” and even a recent short film made to showcase the new Sony Venice camera, “The Dig”. That last one we saw at the debut of the camera and were impressed by its quality, visually and otherwise. A great presentation for the camera to be sure, but perhaps Miranda’s striking visual style even more so.

Said style carries over to his latest film, “Only The Brave”. Set on the backdrop of the 2013 Yarnell Hill Fire, it follows Josh Brolin, Miles Teller and Taylor Kitsch as the Granite Mountain Hotshots who fought the blaze. Band Pro’s Randy Wedick had a discussion with Claudio Miranda, ASC about all of this and more. Some highlights include Miranda and the crew manufacturing a (mostly controlled) fire at their New Mexico shooting location, and how Miranda lit the more difficult scenes, i.e. exposing for bright fires in midday, candlelit scenes at night, etc.

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