WATCH: Dean Cundey, ASC On Shooting John Carpenter’s ‘The Thing’

While we interviewed legendary cinematographer Dean Cundey, ASC during our live stream of the Band Pro One World Open House, Band Pro’s own Randy Wedick also interviewed him after a screening of John Carpenter’s “The Thing”. An in-depth behind the scenes look, this is a great opportunity for any fan of this film or John Carpenter and Dean Cundey’s work.

For those who didn’t already know, “The Thing” was shot on location just outside of Juno, Alaska. Cundey devotes a portion of the interview to the ins and outs of shooting on location, such as dealing with the locals, the frigid temperatures and more. Also of note is their use of practical effects on the film. While not a surprise when it comes to the eponymous “Thing”, one of Cundey’s stories concerns the use of fire on set in the 80s vs today. Cundey compares the two, noting how they were able to have real road flares and shoot live flamethrowers on set, compared to today’s need for fire marshalls and other safety measures just to have candles in a shot.

Considering Cundey teaches film himself, there is so much to learn from Randy Wedick’s interview. There’s something for everybody here, whether film buff, student, cinematographer and more.

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