WATCH: Director & DP Hal Long Compares The EVA1, VariCam LT & VariCam 35

We recently joined Panasonic at their Hollywood Lab where their guest of honor, DP and director Hal Long, presented a comparison of the EVA1, VariCam LT and VariCam 35 cameras on a number of his different television and commercial projects.

On one such project, Gunny Time, Long has used the VariCam 35 since it’s beginning four years ago, with the addition of other cameras (including the EVA1 on its release) rounding out his 15 camera setup for the show. Long also started using ProRes RAW with the EVA1 in his professional work. “Combined with the EVA1 I think you get a little bit more latitude, it’s definitely a bit quieter, it’s extremely gradeable.”

During his presentation, Long also showed an in-depth comparison of the lowlight capabilities between the EVA1 and VariCam LT, which we’ve placed below:

Long continues to describe his use with the EVA1, VariCam LT, VariCam 35 and ProRes RAW in the interview above, so be sure to take a look.

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