WATCH – NAB 2017: Schneider Tilt Cinema Primes

The first Prime lenses with tilt functionality, Schneider’s Tilt Cinema Primes are a powerful tool for any cinematographer, allowing for unprecedented focus control.

With 8 degrees of tilt, the Tilt Cinema Primes allow you to actually change the plane of focus live while shooting. As just the plane itself is changing, depth of field and focus remain untouched. Schneider’s Don Shafer gave a number of examples of how this feature could be put to good use: “It could be changing the attention from someone in the background to a primary subject in the foreground, it could be having both eyes in focus to just having one in… There’s a lot of opportunity for this, people are going to use it and take advantage of the creativity, I’m sure.”

Schneider’s Tilt Cinema Prime lenses are close to release. You can find out more at

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