WATCH – NAB 2017: The NEW Aputure 300d Single Source LED & Accessories

With 300 watts of power, the Aputure 300d is a remarkably bright, lightweight LED light that offers clear, sharp lighting without the caveats of traditional LED panels. We spoke with Aputure’s Ted Sim for more on the 300d and how it differs from other LED lights on the market, as well as some of the accessories Aputure offers that will work perfectly with both the new 300d and many of their other lights.

Aputure 300d Single Source LED Light

The key benefit to the Aputure 300d single source LED is that, with just one large LED panel, it eliminates the multiple shadows created by each individual LED bulb in a traditional panel. The single LED produces the single, clean shadow, allowing for better control over your shot.

Another key feature of the Aputure 300d is its Bowens s-mount on the front. This allows for connecting the numerous photo accessories compatible with the Bowens mount to the Aputure 300d. As Sim notes, this also opens up the use of snoots, fresnels and numerous other accessories that you previously couldn’t with hotter tungsten lights due to the LED’s cool temperature.

The Aputure 300d will be available in roughly three months for under $1,000.

Aputure Light Accessories

Compatible with their Bowen mount products (the 120d, 300d, etc.), Aputure has a couple of new accessories that will work perfectly with the upcoming 300d, as well as some of their existing lights.

Aputure Mini Dome & Grid

24″ accross and 1/4th the depth of their Light Dome, the Aputure Mini Dome is made of parachute fabric, making it highly durable. It comes with a grid that will soften hard lights, evening out the powerful 300d when you need it.

The Aputure Mini Dome will be available in a few weeks for under $100.

Aputure Space Light

Made of similar parachute fabric as the Mini Dome, the Space Light makes for a perfect fill light or china ball while also preventing color tinting. This makes them ideal for green screen work, especially when used with a powerful light such as Aputure’s single source LEDs.

The Aputure Space Light will be available in a few weeks for about $50.

There’s plenty more to love about the Aputure 300d and all of these accessories, so be sure to check out our interview above, as well as visit

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