WATCH: The Intricacies Of Shooting Live With Blackmagic Design

“Orbital Redux” cinematographer Steven Moreno takes us through the challenges and rewards of shooting a weekly, narrative Sci-Fi show live every week using Blackmagic Design URSA Minis, URSA Mini Pros and Micro Studio Cameras.

***This video is a mix of Blackmagic Design Ursa Mini Pro footage and footage from the BMPCC4K. Can you tell the footage apart? If so please leave it in the comments section!

As show throughout the interview and in our pictures, the “Orbital Redux” set is an orb-shaped capsule with numerous windows and swinging panels to allow for filming from nearly all sides. The intricacies of planning shots is taken to another level, something Moreno goe through extensively. He also describes their Blackmagic workflow, from cameras to control panels, and how it all weaves together. Another facet Moreno covers in detail is the lighting adjustments required for a live production of such magnitude. He gives an excellent rundown of how he crafts the look for each episode, and how it helps tell the story of their sci-fi adventure.


“Orbital Redux” is obviously a unique show, requiring a unique approach to filming it. This is a great chance to learn the cinematography behind such a show and Moreno takes us through the gamut of the entire process.


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