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Next Video Expo: Akitio's Super Fast & Affordable Thunderbolt Drives

Storage space has long been an issue when it comes to video production, especially these days where the mobile film crew has become more and more common. So we always make a point to speak with Akitio, who’s drives have proven to be the best we’ve encountered. They have thunderbolt connections, run very fast and are quite affordable. At the Next Video Expo, we stopped to talk with Akitio’s Richard Wright about there line of super fast thunderbolt drives, and how customers are inventively putting them to use.

MD4 U3e – $339

MD4 U3e 1
High quality 4-Bay rack mount chassis engineered to perform, not only for speed but also to maximize the storage capacity and secure your data. This industrial enclosure is designed to house up to four 3.5″ SATA hard drives and provides efficient passive heat dissipation, plus extra powerful rear fans to keep your hard drives cool during long hours of operation. Advanced RAID technology provides extra protection for all your valuable data content and the hot swap rack allows easy replacement for faulty drives.

Thunder2 Quad – $499

Thunder2 Quad 1
Faster than ever, you can now achieve speeds of up to 1375MB/s with this 4-bay Thunderbolt™ 2 technology storage enclosure. The removable trays allow for easy installation and replacement of the drives. They are designed for both 2.5″ SSDs where speed is the priority and for 3.5″ HDDs when it’s important to maximize the storage capacity. An ultra durable aluminum casing provides efficient heat dissipation, plus an extra large rear fan keeps your drives cool during long hours of operation.

Neutrino Thunder Duo – $299

Neutrino Thunder Duo
Finally, a portable dual bay Thunderbolt™ device featuring two Thunderbolt ports! Experience the awesome speed, performance and flexibility of Thunderbolt. This compact and easy to use device was built for speed and portability. The product is available bundled with either hard drives or solid state drives (SSD’s) or as an empty enclosure thereby allowing users to install the drives of their choice. Convenient removable trays allow for easy removal and replacement of drives without the need for any tools. The drives are kept cool by the built-in fan.

Thunder Dock – $269

Thunder Dock
The Thunderbolt™ dock links past, present and future technology to your computer with just one Thunderbolt™ cable. The Thunder Dock allows you to access your data on both legacy and future storage drives by providing multiple host ports for USB 3.0, eSATA and FireWire 800. It also has two Thunderbolt ports for daisy chaining additional Thunderbolt devices and storage.

Palm RAID – $649

Fastest, smallest and highest capacity bus powered Thunderbolt™ device in the world. With its tethered Thunderbolt cable and the ability to run on bus power alone, this drive is designed specifically for speed and portability.

Thunder2 PCIe Box – $269

Thunder2 PCIe Box
The portable Thunderbolt™ 2 PCIe expansion box provides an additional PCIe slot for systems that do not support or have enough available space for expansion cards. The external Thunderbolt 2 connection allows you to daisy-chain up to 5 additional Thunderbolt devices, making this the ideal plug and play companion especially when you have to take your system with you. Replacing the card is a simple matter of removing three hand tightening screws, so no tools are required.
We’ve used the Palm Raid drive for quite a while now and it’s been amazing. Be sure to stay tuned for a review of it in the coming days.
For more information on all of Akitio’s awesome drives and storage, be sure to visit

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