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NLE 7.0: Edit Geek Breaks Down What To Expect from Adobe


With NAB less than a month away it seems a certainty that we’ll see new versions of the two main NLE platforms vying for the attention of broadcast and professional editors. And they both reach version 7.0 – we’ll see Avid Media Composer (and Symphony) 7.0 and Adobe Premiere CS7 – what are we hoping for?


Adobe has really pushed Premiere forward in the last few versions. An application that was entirely overlooked by many editors before (despite the fact many already owned it alongside After Effects) has become an ideal choice for many.

Premiere’s recent growth can obviously be partly attributed to Apple’s dramatic change of direction with FCP, but Adobe also put serious effort into making the product meet the needs of a new client base. They have also been innovating – the performance that Adobe has managed to pack into Premiere with their Mercury Playbeck technology way exceeds what others have achieved.

What is missing from Premiere then? Overall – not much. You’d be hard pressed to find a project that you couldn’t execute pretty well in the current Adobe Premiere, but there are a few areas of weakness…

Media Management
One big frustration with Premiere for many people is the almost non-existent media management tools. There is no easy way to transcode clips in bulk in Premiere while maintaining links and clip relationships. Similarly it is not easy to trim unused media from a project to make project backup. FCP offered these features with their Media Manager, but it was never quite perfect. Avid, on the other hand, has had these abilities as a core functionality for a long time.

Adobe already has the parts of this puzzle in their Media Encoder and Prelude products, but they aren’t integrated into Premiere in a functional way. Hopefully the developer have heard this feedback from users and figured out how to implement a solid media management tool into Premiere CS7.

Collaborative Editing
No one has really managed to do collaborative editing as well as Avid, but Premiere still hasn’t really got a good answer for the challenge. Adobe has been demonstrating their Adobe Anywhere product for a while, which has some real promise for some jobs but still may not solve the challenge for all users. However, even if Adobe doesn’t get this solved themselves it looks like third-parties may step in – EditShare is already announcing they will be offer a project-sharing plugin for Premiere CS7.

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