Optimo Primes IOP Options Have Arrived

Built with the input of today’s top DP’s & major rental houses
industry-wide, the official Angenieux Optimo Primes Integrated Optical Palette
(IOP) options have been selected and are now delivering worldwide.

Full frame Angenieux Optimo Primes stand alone among professional cinema
glass as the only lenses designed to incorporate Integrated Optical Palette (IOP)
technology. This new revolutionary lens design allows cinematographers to craft
their own unique looks by combining IOP options as a painter adds hues to a
brush. Optimo Primes IOP are comprised of Internal Filters, Iris Cartridges, and
Rear Filter options. Combining one or more of these dramatically changes the
overall look, while allowing the DP to be in complete creative control. Due to
their unique position inside the lens, IOP Internal Filters craft new looks not
possible with front or rear filtration alone. Equally unique is that this process is
easily reversible, returning the lens to its original configuration within minutes.

Official Stage 1 IOP Options include: Internal Elements: Clear (Coated &
Uncoated), Glimmer Glass, Black Satin, Black Pro Mist, Low Contrast, Hollywood
Black Magic and Blue Streak. Iris Cartridge Options include 3-Blade and Oval

(coming soon). Rear Filtration options will include key looks from Tiffen and
Schneider Optics to provide an ever-expanding palette. Customized looks are
available upon request. Band Pro will continue gathering client input to help
select future IOP releases.

To learn more, contact your Band Pro at 1-888-BAND-PRO or email us at

Written by Clint Milby

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