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Pixels Of Fury LA Winner – Chris May

While we’ve talked at length about the task the contestants at Pixels Of Fury had to endure, we have yet to talk with any of the editors themselves for their view on the challenge. So we made sure to pin down the Pixels Of Fury winner, Chris May, about what it was like having to create his trailer in front of a bunch of other editors, and how he came to be involved in Pixels Of Fury.

First off, Chris describes the event as being “really stressful”, noting that he really wanted to “hit it at the end”, something that’s difficult to do when everyone just sat and watched your entire editing process. As for the theme, a fairy tale movie trailer, Chris says that Shutterstock provided them with key words a few days prior before letting them in on the theme at the event. As he mentions, keywords such as ‘fire’ and ‘magic’ led him towards his “Corporate Wizard” trailer idea. Despite his hesitation at straying a bit from the overall theme it obviously worked to his favor, granting him the top prize.

Another important point is the process of the contest itself. First, the editors had 45 minutes to browse Shutterstock’s site and download the clips and music of their choice. Each of them chose, on average, ten clips. Then, the second round was putting them together to create their respective trailers. As Chris points out, they had no problem downloading the clips, despite some initial worries that their clips wouldn’t download in time. So it’s a testament to Shutterstock that their site allowed them all to do so within the allotted time.

As for Chris May, he is a freelance editor with his own post production company, and describes himself as a “…Los Angeles based video editor, music maker and picture taker. I’ve also been known to produce video installations and DJ your party”. Also, as we mention in the interview, if you need something cut really fast, Chris is definitely your go to guy. You can find out more about Chris May at
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