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Pixels Of Fury LA: Dimitri Simakis, PoF MC & 'Everything Is Terrible' Co-Creator

If you had told me last week that I would enjoy watching five people edit stock footage together into a fairy tale movie trailer, I would have given you a quizzical look. However Shutterstock’s Pixels Of Fury event was definitely the highlight of my week, not to mention one of the best parties in Hollywood. Part of that fun was definitely the lively and hilarious host for the night, Dimitri Simakis. Co-creator of the amazing site Everything Is Terrible, we talked to Simakis about the site, and how Shutterstock managed to make post production into a spectator sport.

Simakis is quick to give credit where credit is due, citing Shutterstock’s amazing party planning skills. Between an open bar, free food, the napkin drawing contest, and a fantastic DJ, there was a lot to keep people engaged. However Simakis points out that despite all of that, “…everyone was rapt in attention. It was amazing! They were glued towards the screen the whole time”.

Pixels of Fury MC: Demiitri Simakis

Simakis also gave the five contestants, who had to edit together the stock footage clips they found in 45 minutes, in 45 minutes, their credit as well. Not only was the time limit a hurdle, but to edit under that pressure with a crowd of other editors critiquing your every move is not the most ideal editing environment. The fact that each trailer was also really good is a testament to each one of their skills, and we join Simakis in his praise of them.
As we’ll talk about later when we speak with Shutterstock, this Pixels Of Fury event was a sort of test run for their video version, as they have done this before for still images.
As for Dimitri Simakis and his work, be sure to visit his site
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