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Planet5D's DSLR Dynamics Tour Begins Tomorrow!

Starting tomorrow, September 28th and going on through to Sunday November 24th, Mitch of Planet 5D and DSLR pioneer Barry Anderson are travelling to 30 cities to bring you the best tips and tricks behind shooting DSLR video.
The DSLR Dynamics Tour will teach about all aspects of DSLR production, from lighting to post. The workshops will be broken down like so:
Best Lighting Practices
Just because you can light a scene with a candle doesn’t mean that you should. Learn or refresh your essential lighting skills, and discover the art of lighting by subtraction. We will help you incorporate available light and light sources to create scenes that exceed your expectations. You’ll leave confident in your ability to light whatever scenes you’re shooting.
Cameras, Lenses and Camera Settings
Recognize the differences, strengths, and weaknesses of different cameras, lenses, and camera settings to discover how to make the correct creative choices to fit your needs. Understand how both the camera and lens can help you create the look you want in your videos.
Adding Movement to Video
Master the motion in your scenes by learning the appropriate techniques and equipment for integrating movement into video. We’ll take you through Monopods, Sliders, Jibs, Stablizers, Rigs, and More. You’ll learn when it’s appropriate to add motion and how to effectively add motion to impact your scenes.
Effectively Capturing Sound
Audio is 50% of your video. Attendees will learn how to capture maximum quality audio, appropriate for specific recording settings. Learn how different audio sources influence your final product.
Editing And Post Production
Once you have captured your principle photography, it is time to move into post. During this in-depth workshop, we will show you how to identify and correct common DSLR issues that can be fixed in post. This is your opportunity to acquire and sharpen editing skills that will allow you to create the “look” and “feel” that you want your videos to have.
The DSLR Dynamics Tour will travel to 30 cities over two months, and the workshops are from 9 AM to 6 PM on each day. Here’s the schedule from their website:
Saturday, Sep 28 Vancouver, BC
Sunday, Sep 29 Seattle, WA
Tuesday, Oct 01 Portland, OR*
Thursday, Oct 03 Phoenix, AZ
Saturday, Oct 05 Denver, CO
Sunday, Oct 06 Sacramento, CA*
Tuesday, Oct 08 San Francisco, CA*
Thursday, Oct 10 Orange County, CA
Saturday, Oct 12 Los Angeles, CA*
Sunday, Oct 13 San Diego, CA*
Saturday, Oct 19 Dallas, TX*
Sunday, Oct 20 Houston, TX*
Tuesday, Oct 22 San Antonio, TX*
Thursday, Oct 24 Columbus, OH
Saturday, Oct 26 Kansas City, MO
Sunday, Oct 27 St. Louis, MO
Saturday, Nov 02 Minneapolis, MN
Sunday, Nov 03 Chicago, IL*
Tuesday, Nov 05 Indianapolis, IN
Thursday, Nov 07 Detroit, MI
Saturday, Nov 09 Atlanta, GA*
Sunday, Nov 10 Tampa, FL
Tuesday, Nov 12 Miami, FL*
Thursday, Nov 14 Toronto, ON
Saturday, Nov 16 Boston, MA*
Sunday, Nov 17 New York City, NY*
Tuesday, Nov 19 Fairfield, NJ
Thursday, Nov 21 Philadelphia, PA*
Saturday, Nov 23 Raleigh, NC
Sunday, Nov 24 Washington, DC*
You may also notice some asterisked cities in the list. There will be give-aways at each city, however we know for sure that these marked ones will be a city where you have the chance to win a LockPort or LockCircle for your camera from Manios Digital!
We aren’t sure what prizes can be won in the other cities, so you’ll just have to attend to find out what other prizes may be in store!
You can register for the DSLR Dynamics tour on their website at

Written by Jake Fruia

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