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2. Podcast: Filmmaker Johnny Derango & Shooting "Radio 88" Panasonic EVA1

Producer and DP Johnny Derango was one of Panasonic’s chosen filmmakers to shoot a high end test video with the new EVA1, “Radio 88”.

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A Chicago, Illinois native, Derango’s 15 year career found its start at an internship shooting Jewel’s Northam American tour. From there he focused on being a DP, breaking into reality tv through the show “ElimiDate” and parleying his new diving certification into shooting underwater for the show. By the end of the season he had begun shooting entire episodes of the show. From there, Derango’s career snowballed, leading to shooting both features and shows in rapid succession.
As for Panasonic’s EVA1, Derango’s choice of “Radio 88” was twofold, with it being a dynamic and gripping script that could be perfectly slimmed down into a short, while also being the opportunity to shoot a proof of concept for selling the feature length version of the script. His work with the camera is a good portion of this podcast, delving into his choice of lighting, lenses and much more. Be sure to listen and download above, and stay tuned for our next podcast.

For more about Johnny Derango you can visit his website at and on Twitter @JohnnyDerangoDP.
For more on the Panasonic EVA1, visit You can also sign up to attend one of the upcoming EVA1 showcases in Massachusetts and Georgia.

Written by Clint Milby

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