Podcast – Randy Wedick of Band Pro on their new service center, Sony Venice Rialto and Shooting a documentary in Israel & Europe

Randy Wedick is Senior Technical Consultant, for Band Pro Film and Digital. In this podcast, Randy talks about Band Pro Burbank’s all-new Lens and Camera service department, the new Sony Venice Firmware 3.0, and
the Rialto Tethered Extension system for the Sony Venice. A cinematographer in his own right, Wedick also talks about shooting a feature-length documentary in Israel and Europe with the Sony Venice.

Clint Milby hosts the Indie Shooter Podcast with Randy Wedick of Band Pro Film and Digital in Burbank

Wedick gave us a mini tour of the updated facility which now includes a camera and lens repair department complete with full-time technicians, and a clean room for lens repair ready to service shooters on site whenever they need.

He also told us about using the Sony Venice across Isreal and Europe as he filmed a new documentary covering family, secrets and the Holocaust. Wedick gives a full report on how the Venice performed in triple-digit temperatures in Isreal as well as the thrills of renting support gear from each of the countries they visited.
We also get to find out more about the new Venice Firmware 3.0 as well as the pending availability of the Rialto Tethered Extension for the Sony Venice.
For more information on Band Pro Film and Digital or about the Sony Venice or Rialto, go to their website at:

Written by Clint Milby

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