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The Polly Dolly: A Miniature, Non-Motorized, Dolly System

The Polly Dolly: A Miniature, Non-Motorized, Dolly System

Innovision, the award winning manufacturer and distributor of some of the best camera gear on the market, has announced their partnership with Pollysystem, makers of the Polly Portable Dolly.


Polly with the Polly Arm

The Polly is a miniature dolly system that lets you capture long, super smooth tracking shots by disengaging its built in flywheel. All it needs is a simple push and the Polly starts its smooth moves, all without the need for batteries or an external power source. By reengaging the flywheel, you can take matters into your own hands and push the Polly along yourself. It even has a built in scale for timelapse shoots.

The disengageable gear drive is just one of a couple of new features they’ve recently added to the Polly, including a full brake that you can use to regulate the speed of the Polly.

The Polly also comes with a number of optional accessories, such as the Polly Surface, Polly Arm, and Polly Half Ball Adapter. The Polly Surface is a set of tracks to help get smooth shots on uneven terrain.


The Polly Surface tracks

The Polly Arm is exactly what it sounds like, a rotating, articulating arm that lets you extend the reach of polly by an extra 3 feet. Finally, with the Polly Half Ball Adaptor, you can attach rotating video heads to the Polly.

The Polly will be on display this NAB 2014 Show in the Pollysystem booth #C8441, and Innovision owner Mark Centkowski will be there to answer any questions and show off the Polly. Be sure to visit

Polly Portable Dolly System: Now With All New Features

Los Angeles, March 18, 2014 – The revolutionary Polly Portable Dolly system now offers new features and accessories to enhance its ability to capture smooth and precise tracking shots with the touch of a finger. Manufactured by Pollysystem, the Polly is a miniature dolly system that is self-powered, and requires no battery or external power source.

Available now in the USA through the award winning manufacturer and distributor, Innovision Optics Inc. of Santa Monica, CA, the compact, 7 pound dolly features a high-grade, steel flywheel that allows for two modes of operation.

The first mode, using the flywheel, allows for geared movements that are always in your control. With its rubber hand grip, you can guide the Polly yourself for manual precision.

The second mode, with the flywheel disengaged, allows for smooth, free rolling tracking shots with merely a gentle push. It will work on any flat surface but is optimal when used on smooth surfaces or tracks.

Stop Motion Sequences
You can now create stop motion sequences using the Polly’s built in scale without the need for batteries or any additional accessories.

Innovision owner Mark Centkowski states: “Innovision Optics is proud to represent the Polly in the U.S. The Polly represents a groundbreaking new method of motion control and camera movement unlike any system on the market”.

New Features & Accessories For 2014

Disengage the Gear Drive: Now you can release the gear drive to let the Polly roll forward like a skate board, allowing the user to achieve uninterrupted and ultra-slow tracking shots with the touch of a finger. The gear drive can be easily reengaged for full manual control.

Full Brake: Get exactly the right crawl speed for your shot by using the Full Brake to regulate the speed of the Polly.

Although simplistic by design, you can expand the capabilities of the Polly with variety optional accessories. These include:

Polly Surface (Track): The redesigned Polly track system consists of three adjustable elements which provide a smooth surface no matter where you are. Available now, $815 for three sections of track

Polly Arm: This rotatable, 3 foot camera arm has 5 points of articulation to extend your range vertically as well as horizontally. No matter how far you extend the arm from the Polly, your shot will always be steady. Available now, $1,554

Polly Half Ball Adapter: This 100mm mount enables you to attach rotating video heads directly to the Polly engine. The base plate has 3/8″ and 1/4″ threads and is available with a converter ring for 75mm half ball. Available now, $324

See the Polly for yourself at NAB 2014, at the Pollysystem booth, C8441. Innovision owner Mark Centkowski will be on hand Monday and Tuesday,  April 7th and 8th to demo and answer any questions about the Polly.

The Polly engine (body) is $2,669 (€1,996), and is available for sale and rental in the US from Innovision Optics. For more information about the Polly, including accessories, pricing and videos of it in use, at

About Innovision
Founded in 1981 and based in Santa Monica, California, Innovision is an award winning manufacturer and distributor specializing in the sale and rental of specialized lenses, motion control, camera tracking systems, and unique camera support equipment. Find out more at

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