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Premiere Pro World: Atomos Ninja Star Kit & Shogun Availability

While at Premiere Pro World, we were able to visit with Atomos’ Matt Stoneking to get a rundown of their new Ninja Star and its accessories, as well as a bit of info on their upcoming Shogun 4K recorder.

Stoneking started us off with the Ninja Star, the “world’s smallest ProRes recorder” that has everyone buzzing. In this case I mean that almost literally, as the tiny Ninja Star is perfect for use with drones due to its small size and low power consumption. Stoneking also points out that some people are even using them with HDMI based microscopes to record their view.
While the Ninja Star has no screen, it does have a few LED lights for a display that tells you anything you may need to know. As Stonkeing describes it, “It’s basically our Ninja Blade product, just without the screen”. Finally, the Ninja Star uses Atomos manufactured CFast cards (in 64GB and 128GB sizes), but also takes other CFast 1.0 cards as opposed to the more expensive and newer CFast 2 cards.

Stoneking also talked a bit more about the Shogun, Atomos’ 4K recorder. As many may know you need the Shogun to take advantage of some newer cameras, such as the Sony A7s and the Panasonic GH4. The Shogun is also the only product that can provide 4K recording over HDMI, and records 1080p ProRes footage. It also has SDI ports, and uses the same batteries and media as the rest of the Atomos recorders (outside of the Ninja Star).
The Ninja Star comes in a kit with one battery, mounting cheese plate, chargers, and a CFast card reader and is shipping now for $295. You can find more info at
The Shogun is expected to be released sometime in September. You can find more info at

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