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Premiere Pro World: A Big Bang In The Red Giant Universe

We continue our Premiere Pro World Conference coverage with the massive amount of updates that have recently come to Red Giant’s newest platform, Red Giant Universe. We talked with Red Giant’s Ruth Pierich for more on the new additions to their Universe.

For those unfamiliar with Universe, it is Red Giant’s cloud subscribtion service that grants you access to nearly 60 tools and effects that work perfectly with Premiere Pro. The service can be joined for free, allowing you the use of almost half of the plugins in the Universe library. From there you can try the full set for 30 days, then purchase them individually or sign up for a subscription that affords you all the tools as well as their steady stream of updates.

With almost every plugin getting even the slightest addition, as well as the addition of about nine new plugins (three of which are free), this is perhaps the biggest update yet for Red Giant Universe. They’ve also added GPU support to many (if not all) the Universe plugins, which works similarly to Adobe’s Mercury Playback Engine. As for updates to some of the existing effects, Red Giant has added glitching, TV distortion and more to Holomatrix as well as updating some of their ToonIt plugins.
Here are the nine new plugins:
Luminance Noise

Luminance Noise: Add quick rendering of noise and grain to the Luminance channel of your footage. Self-animating by frame, this tool is highly useful for mimicking the look of 35mm film grain and other noise effects.

Compound Blur

Compound Blur: A tool that blurs pixels based on the luminance values of another layer. This tool was chosen for development by the Universe Community through our Universe Labs.

Color and Gamma Conversion

Color and Gamma Conversion: Converts RGB to a different color space. Choose from RGB to YUV, YUV to RGB, RGB to HSL, HSL to RGB, RGB to Lightness, sRGB to Linear, Linear to sRGB, Video Gamma(2.2) to Linear, and Linear to Video Gamma(2.2).

The other six premium effects are:

Glimmer: Universe Glimmer creates colorful glints and animated twinkling effects at the bright areas of your image. This is a great effect for beauty shots, titles, music videos and more.


Carousel: Carousel captures the classic look of vintage color cross-processing, film fading and vignettes.

Holomatrix EZ

Holomatrix EZ: Holomatrix EZ makes it even easier to create the same looks as Holomatrix, with streamlined controls and presets. This is an ideal tool for an editor who wants to work quickly to add effects to their text, logos and footage.

SplitScreen Blocks

SplitScreen Blocks: A quick assist tool in cropping, positioning, and resizing multiple video layers into split-screen compositions.

SplitScreen Custom Blocks

SplitScreen Custom Blocks: Divide up the screen with customized shapes and break out of standard split-screen layouts with this advanced editing tool.

Universe ToonIt Sketch

Universe ToonIt Sketch: Create a loosely “sketched” hand-drawn look for your video footage, in a variety of styles: Color Sketch on Gray, Scratchboard, Sketch on Brown, Smooth Gray, and Cartoon Subtle.

Red Giant Universe 1.1 is available now. You can find more information in our interview above, as well as at

For more information on Premiere Pro World visit

Lastly, check out the ones who put on the conference, Future Media Concepts, at

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