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Premiere Pro World: Fitness For Editors With 'Fitness In Post'

Over the last few months we’ve heard quite a bit about the dangers of production. However no one seems to talk much about the dangers of post production. That’s exactly why we had to interview Zack Arnold about his community, ‘Fitness In Post’, Premiere Pro World.

An editor for some 15 years now, Zack Arnold started Fitness In Post to address the problem with the editing lifestyle, i.e. sitting all day. This, as Arnold points out on his site, is literally killing all of us. So he created a “central resource” for editors to rely on to help get in shape.
‘Fitness In Post’ is completely free, and has a bevvy of information you can look at before starting. But Arnold makes sure to point out that despite the large amount of info on the site, the idea is take baby steps toward changing your lifestyle completely. He also stresses that you’re free to assess your own level. If you feel that you’re already past the initial steps he’s lined out, then you can jump right into joining on of the many groups of Fitness In Post that give you a support system to rely on and be accountable to. This can be a linchpin for many people trying to lose weight, as attempting to do so in a vacuum with no one to be accountable to leads to the downfall of many people’s individual fitness programs. Groups also allow you to participate in contests with other members to win prizes all geared toward helping you continue to change your lifestyle for the better.
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The best part about Fitness In Post is that this isn’t another fitness plan simply adapted to fit the needs of an editor. This is a fitness plan created from the ground up by a veteran editor, specifically to counteract the destructive aspects editing can take on one’s health. Arnold also makes sure to mention that he isn’t a nutritionist or doctor, he’s simply making available the methods and products he’s used to shed his unwanted weight. It’s a process that’s worked for not just him, but many other editors that have joined Fitness In Post and found great success.
As mentioned before there is TONS of information on the website,, where you can hopefully begin your journey to a healthier lifestyle without having to give up what you love to do.

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