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Premiere Pro World: Matthew Lessman of Future Media Concepts

Over the past few weeks we’ve brought you interviews with Premiere Pro World’s amazing presenters and trainers, and even from Adobe on what Premiere Pro World is really about. However we’d be remiss if we didn’t speak with the people who made the show happen in the first place: Future Media Concepts. So we caught up with Premiere Pro World organizer Matthew Lessman to see how they brought all of the pieces together.

Future Media Concepts of FMC is a 20 year old company with training centers around the country. They produce a number of training conferences, including Post Production World at NAB and After Effects World. Due to their success with After Effects World, Adobe approached them to do the same thing with Premiere Pro. And, despite Lessman and his team’s initial worries, it turned out to be an amazing weekend.
Lessman attributes a great deal of that success to Adobe, saying they were “so gracious in opening their doors to us, so accommodating. It really just seemed the first day of our conference was so mutually beneficial for everyone”. Indeed, one of the highlights many people had from the weekend, and especially the first day where we spent it all at Adobe, was the availability and transparency of the Adobe team. Everyone loved being able to ask questions, get feedback, provide feedback, and ask those nagging questions that they always wanted to ask. This helped Adobe “cultivate sympathy in their users” as Lessman puts it, something a company would be hard pressed to do with any customer base, though it helps that the feeling behind it all felt absolutely genuine.
Beyond that, for those who have seen our other interviews, the other big draw of Premiere Pro World was definitely the instructors for the weekend. The event’s literature said something to the effect of “Your only regret will be you cant attend every session”, and when that happens to be right, you know you’ve got some great sessions and instructors. Lessman informed us that many of the presenters have actually been with FMC for many years, meaning they’ve really been doing this for years, honing their craft and bringing all that awesome knowledge to us. The hardest part is scheduling them all, presenters and sessions, something Lessman says they’re constantly working on.
As mentioned before, Future Media Concepts runs the upcoming second annual After Effects World as well. That will be next month, September 26th – 28th in Seattle, Washington. Lessman even made an announcement during our interview that one of their keynote speakers will Video CoPilot’s Andrew Kramer. Lessman promises that this year’s After Effects World will be bigger and better, and if it’s anything like the success of Premiere Pro World, then we’re sure it’ll be an amazing weekend.
You can find out more about Future Media Concepts and all of their training and events at

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