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Premiere Pro World: SNL's Adam Epstein Using Creative Cloud, Post Production Tour & More

This past weekend we attended the first ever Premiere Pro World Conference where we were able to interview a number of individuals about all things Premiere Pro. The first of these interviews was with Saturday Night Live’s Adam Epstein, the Editor with their film unit.
We were able to speak with him on his SNL workflow, how Adobe has been an integral part of it all, and his upcoming 32 city Cutting Edge Post Production Tour.

Epstein discusses how his career came about, from starting with on-air promotion editing to working his was up to SNL where he’s been for over five years now. He then describes his team’s role at SNL, where the short films they produce are used as a bridge between the live show to give the cast time to set up. He also describes the feeling of having something you’ve edited screened before a live audience not minutes after you’ve finished, despite not having as much time as they’d like to polish the end result. “If something’s working then go with it”, he says as he explains a quote from Lorne Michaels’ he gave during his presentation: “The show isn’t ready when it’s finished, it’s ready at 11:30.”
Our interview then turned toward their exclusive use of Adobe’s Creative Cloud, and how Epstein has been able to use it in their workflow. Starting with CS 5.5, Epstein loved the speed it afforded him. Since the advent of the Creative Cloud has only sped up the process considerably since CS 5.5, Epstein says it’s been nothing but helpful to his workflow. This also extends to their camera choice, as Epstein and his team use a large number of different cameras for their projects. Creative Cloud allows them to use all different types of footage easily and with little hassle, letting them spend more of their limited time elsewhere.
epstein tour
Finally, Epstein talked about his Cutting Edge Post Production Tour starting this coming Sunday. The tour will be all about Epstein’s workflow at SNL and how to work cleanly and efficiently on a tight schedule. Beyond that he’ll cover more interpretive aspects behind design choices, instead of just doing something because it looks cool. Each day has a day session and a night session, with the day focusing more on the logistical points of editing and the night focusing on the more “esoteric” aspects of being an editor, such as working relationships, film theory, etc.
For more on his SNL work, you can visit Adam Epstein’s website at
If you’re interested in his Cutting Edge Post Production Tour then be sure to visit
Finally, you can visit for more about this awesome new Adobe and Future Media Concepts conference.

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