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Premiere Pro World: Why Your Opinions Matter to Adobe

At Premiere Pro World Conference, we caught up with Senior Product Manager of Premiere Pro, Al Mooney. Mooney gave us an exclusive on how  Premiere Pro World Conference was conceived, what it means to him and his aspirations for Premiere Pro.

Mooney starts with how Premiere Pro World came about, describing the success Adobe and Future Media Concepts already had with After Effects World and Photoshop World. Despite his initial skepticism, Mooney says that he’s blown away by the response from those attending. Keeping Adobe’s already stellar job of listening to their customers, Premiere Pro World was a great opportunity for both the Adobe team and those in attendance. There was a real dialogue between manufacturer and consumer, something Mooney says they’re “very proud of”.

Mooney also spoke to a comment he made during his presentation earlier that day, that he wanted “Premiere to be come a verb, like Photoshop”. He clarifies that he would love Premiere to become the go to program for video editing, as Photoshop is for photo editing. However he does make the concession that the market is much different these days, with great competition that makes this such an interesting industry. “I don’t ever want to be the one standing up saying ‘Hey we won!!’ because we haven’t,” he explains. “We won’t. Nobody will. And that’s what makes this industry so interesting”. He finishes by saying that he simply hopes Premiere stays in the public’s mind when it comes time to edit, and that no matter what, Adobe will continue to work hard to listen to their customers.
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