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How to Simplify Your HDSLR Workflow with BulletProof For Free

For some time now, Red Giant has been providing individual tools to transcode your footage. However, in 2013, they released a dynamic new toolset to simplify the task of importing, organizing, reviewing, refining, transcoding and exporting your files with the release of BulletProof.  BulletProof has now been updated is available for a free 30-Day Trial.

BulletProof was made specifically for Canon and Nikon DSLR files, and it also handles files from GoPro cameras, as well. According to Red Giant, additional camera support will be added as free updates to BulletProof customers as they’re released. Since then they’ve expanded to include MXF and AVCHD support and have added new features that make the workflow much faster.
With BulletProof, you can select clips or whole cards and import them into a catalog while simultaneously backing up to multiple destinations for safety. You can also sort clips with folders and playlists. Finally, you can deliver your files with embedded timecode and metadata either with or without transcoding to an intermediate codec.
RedGiant's BulletProof 1.2
BulletProof is available as a standalone product or as part of the Red Giant Shooter Suite. Shooter Suite also includes PluralEyes 3 for automatic audio syncing, LUT Buddy, Instant HD and Frames for deinterlacing older video formats.

Red Giant BulletProof v1.0 is $199. However, for a limited time, Red Giant is refreshing BulletProof 1.2.1 so that you can install a free, fully functional 30-day trial, even if you have installed a previous trial version that has expired.
If you’re sold on it, you can add BulletProof as part of Shooter Suite 12 at $399.   Red Giant Color Suite contains six separate applications for color grading and effects. Color Suite 11 contains Denoiser II to remove digital noise and Cosmo to soften and smooth skin. You’ll also find some Red Giant favorites like Colorista II, LUT Buddy, Magic Bullet Looks 2 and Mojo. Red Giant Color Suite 11 is available for $599.
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Written by Clint Milby

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