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Redrock Micro Offers Total Control With Their SLS Motors, Eclipse System & More

Redrock Micro Offers Total Control With Their SLS Motors, Eclipse System & More

Redrock Micro has recently released a number of new products that afford shooters more controls over their shots, focus and more. We spoke with Redrock Micro’s Brian Valente for more on their new SLS motors, Eclipse system and more.

Redrcok Eclipse System

Eclipse is an entirely new family of camera, lens, and rig controls that propel camera production into the future. Eclipse products work together to make shooting faster, easier and smarter than ever, especially for solo-operators and small crews. Eclipse products connect and communicate with each other, share resources like power, show real-time status and alerts, and have configurable controls rather than hard-coded features. Now all your camera, lens, and rig controls are unified and under your complete control, whether you are next to the camera or a thousand feet away. Eclipse supports and translates between the most important protocols including WiFi, RF, Bluetooth, S.bus, and CAN. Products in the system include:

Orbit Monitor Positioning System – Increase your gimbal operating range by 50%+ with “Follow Me” active monitor positioning. Accurately frame shots from higher and lower angle as the monitor tilts to always face you.

Atlas Smart Motor – The ultimate lens control motor and wireless remote all-in-one. Responsive, reliable, and powerful. Use for controlling focus, iris, zoom, and more. Daisy-chain motors together to share power and data, and connect to the mobile app for maximum flexibility.

Hālo Explorer – Compact lidar rangefinder with on-board power and controls. Can be used standalone, or with an Atlas Motor and Navigator for the ultimate in creative focus control and tracking.

Navigator Command Module – Invaluable for gimbal use. Control your rig and everything on it from one finger: lens focus iris and zoom, pan/tilt, Orbit, camera run/stop, Hālo Solo, and more.

Satellite Thumb Controller – Micro-thumb controller that attaches to any grip or frame for universal gimbal control (including Freefly MoVI and DJI Ronin) and camera run/stop. Satellite is also available as a thumb controller for Eclipse products including Orbit and Hālo.

SLS – Lens Motor microRemote

Key Features:

  • 300% increase in torque
  • 200% increase in resolution
  • Ultra compact size
  • Ultra lightweight
  • Adjustable 15mm locking rod clamp
  • Integrated lens light for reading lens markings
  • Standard Drive Gear


Ounce for Ounce, the Lightest Most Powerful Lens Control Motor

To create this next-generation lens control motor, we analyzed countless hours of real-world focus performance and listened to feedback from hundreds of remote focus customers. In addition to responsive and reliable performance, we heard smaller cameras and rigs required things to get smaller… a lot smaller.

SLS is so good you’ll want to use it on every shot. Fortunately it’s small and light enough to keep it on your camera full time. If you are looking for professional performance lens control for your gimbal, as an upgrade to your existing microRemote or other compatible system, or if you want the latest miniaturized technology, SLS is the motor for you.

For more on each of these product follow their respective links above. For more on all things Redrock Micro, visit