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Redrock Micro Releases A Bevvy Of New Rig Components


Redrock Micro has always had some of the best (if not the best) quality gear on the market. However they have taken it a step further to not only introduce new products, but support their older ones as well. Redrock Micro’s line of gear is super modular, so really anything they release is a good thing for the entire line.

In this instance, it’s a batch of new counterweights in the form of the microBalance QR, enhanced hand grips and their new microShoulderPad. Here’s what they have to say about each one:

New microShoulderPad with FieldTech Molds to Shape of Shoulder

The completely redesigned camera shoulder pad improves comfort and balance, critical requirements for long shooting days. The new microShoulderPad uses super-tough Cordura® and breathable 3D mesh, and is filled with soft free-forming microPoly beads that actively adapt to each shoulder’s shape and slope. The microShoulderPad promotes proper alignment and better stability with this uniquely balanced pressure distribution, and ensures a new level of comfort and support.

microBalance QR Delivers Tool-Less Counterweights and Battery Mount

Building on the success of Redrock’s microBalance weights, the newly designed microBalance QR rig counterweight speeds rig balance and stability with one-of-a-kind features.

Weights can be added or removed just by pushing a button, and without any tools. Multiple weights can be added or removed at once. Battery mounting patterns on each weight enable brick batteries (such as Anton Bauer, Switronix, Sony, etc.) to be attached directly to the microBalance QR, making the battery mount quick release as well.

microBalance QR can be set up horizontally or vertically, and can be adjusted for left-right balance in the vertical setup, a capability unique to Redrock. These features result in the fastest, full-featured camera counterbalance system available today.

Enhanced Handgrips Improve Grip, Add Features

Redrock’s rig hand grips have also been updated with improved design and features. The new diamond pattern reduces potential for moisture build-up while the soft rubber surface keeps things comfortable. The added double-lock on each grip end offers an additional option for adding mounting points or rig extensions. A popular use of this feature is attaching the microRemote fingerwheel to the grip when grips are inverted, such as on the ManCam rig.

You can find out more about this new batch of lovelies at and exact pricing on their website at