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Redrock Micro: Tiffen’s Carey Duffy On The Importance Of Filters

Redrock Micro: Tiffen’s Carey Duffy On The Importance Of Filters

Redrock Micro has recently published a guest post from Tiffen’s MPTV Filter Group Consultant Carey Duffy. As Redrock mentions, “Carey has long been a recognized

expert in filtration and has done extensive work with the London Filter Company and Tiffen to spread ‘filter awareness.'”



Carey’s post poses the question: “Today’s Video Cameras Can Do it All, But Do You Want Them To?” His goal seems to be to prove that despite the power of today’s DSLRs, there is still a place for traditional filters and matte boxes in a DSLR shooter’s arsenal. To this end, Carey gives a fantastic breakdown of not just the various filters available, but goes into great detail on the best and proper usage of each one. He even gives specific examples for those who like more than just a run-down of features. He also includes a bunch of pictures and videos to go along with his great instructions and explanation, giving you almost a complete guide on filters and their usage. He completes the post by showing how to add matte boxes to the mix, and the best way to use them in conjunction with everything else.

This is really a fantastic instruction manual on filters and their various companions, and how to properly use them. Anyone looking to up their game as far as DSLR shooting should really check this out.

You can find a snippet below, but be sure to continue at Redrock Micro’s blog, at