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Redrock Micro's New Gold Standard: The Nikon Gold Rigs

A joint effort between Redrock Micro and Nikon puts a gold spin on some of Redrock Micro’s most popular rigs

A press release from Redrock Micro announced their recent collaboration with camera manufacturer Nikon to bring the Nikon Gold DSLR Rigs. These limited edition rigs are the perfect way to celebrate the new generation of Nikon cameras, such as the D800 and D4.
As for what brought life to the new line, Redrock Micro Chief Revolutionary, James Hurd, had this to say “When we first laid eyes on the Nikon D4 and D800, we realized the advanced video capabilities would be a huge hit with filmmakers. We created the Limited Edition Nikon Gold rigs to celebrate Nikon’s achievements. There is no better way to jump into video than to pair a new Nikon DSLR with a beautifully matched, professional-quality Redrock rig.” Professional quality is right! We are talking about the rigs used on such productions as the recently released feature film ‘Act of Valor’ and last year’s ‘Real Steel’, in addition to a host of television shows.
Three of Redrock Micro’s star rigs will be offered in the new Limited Edition Nikon Gold:

  1. Captain Stubling – A compact, action-style handheld rig including support and focus control with the microFollowFocus.
  2. runningMan – Stability and ultra-compact size ideal for run n’ gun DSLR shooters.
  3. Field Cinema Deluxe V2 Bundle – Comprehensive shoulder mount rig for comfortable long shooting sessions and support for extra accessories such as external monitor and external recorders.

Beyond that, these rigs are also highly customizable and compatible with most any HDSLR camera out there, making them a one of a kind rig.
You can find these rigs at now, starting at about $514.00.

Written by Jake Fruia

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