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Revar Cine gold mist filter harnesses the magic of the cinematographer’s Scarf Dust

New filter offers black mist style diffusion with a golden look

Everywhere a cinematographer goes, their scarf goes. And along the way they collect the magic particles of dust that make for cinematic gold. Realising that the power of cinematography is captured in these tiny specks, Revar Cine has tirelessly collected them from the world’s best image-makers to make the Scarf Dust filter, so that you too can sprinkle enchantment across your work.

Seriously? Okay. The Scarf Dust filter is a modern optical glass diffusion filter designed to decrease contrast and give a slight halation to light sources. It is a finely tuned gold mist filter that has a similar effect to popular black mist filters, but with an added golden glow. The result is organic and ethereal, perfect for skin, and well suited to a wide range of shooting environments. DP Neil Fernandez of Lucky Finn Productions says: “Scarf Dust is subtle enough to make your image glow, especially skin, and give you your own special look. For me, filters with unique names always are the most fun to use!”

The Scarf Dust diffusion filter comes in cinema standard 4×5.65 size. To create the consistent gold sheen, fine particles are bonded inside the Schott B270 ultra clear glass. The filter is then precision polished.

The filter is perfect for taking the ‘edge’ off images captured with modern high resolution lenses and cameras with bayer pattern sensors. It is particularly well suited to anamorphic shooting to add the additional touch of a gold film-like effect. Director of Photography Bob Gundu explains: “I’ve used the Scarf Dust on RED Komodo with Aviascope anamorphic adapter. I like the idea of one strength. Makes it easy on set.”

You can watch the video above to learn how Revar Cine filter scientists set about capturing the power of the scarf by stealthily collecting dust on-set at the exact moment when the cinematographer is at the height of their power. (Disclaimer – while the video may make somewhat creative claims about the genesis of the Scarf Dust filter, the stunning results from the product are very real).

The Scarf Dust Diffusion filter is available now from Revar Cine for $249 + tax.

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Written by Clint Milby

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