RE:Vision Effects Now Supported By SilhouetteFX

RE:Vision Effects plug-ins are now supported on Silhouette by SilhouetteFX, including DEFlicker, DE:Noise, ReelSmart Motion Blur, RE:Match, RE:Lens, RE:Map and Twixtor.

These tools are available in node-locked and floating license form, and also because it’s OpenFX the same license will work in other OFX hosts (such as the Foundry’s Nuke) that are supported for particular products. The plug-ins are available individually, or save money by purchasing them all in an Effections bundle!

About Silhouette
More than just roto, Silhouette is a fully featured GPU accelerated compositing system. Its standout features are award winning rotoscoping and nondestructive paint as well as keying, matting, warping, morphing, and a total of 136 different nodes–all stereo enabled.  Version 6.1.3 or over of Silhouette is needed for full feature support.
For more info on the RE:Vision Effects plug-ins supported by Silhouette, visit

Written by Jake Fruia

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