Rialto Extension System For Sony VENICE Now Available At Band Pro

The Rialto Tethered Extension System for Sony VENICE is a light and agile tethered extension system lets the user detach the camera body from the image sensor block up to 18 feet apart with no degradation in 6K image quality, this makes for versatile camera operation. Perfectly designed for handheld, aerial, gimbals, stabilizers, and more.

James Cameron’s Lightstorm Entertainment were in talks early in the Rialto Extension System’s development to have a prototype commissioned specifically for the production of the Avatar sequels. Additional productions have found the small footprint and agile form factor of the Rialto Extension System helpful, especially in junction with the Sony VENICE’s already solid features such as Dual Base ISO and a built-in 8-step mechanical ND filter system.
The Rialto Extension System consists of a front panel cover, image sensor block, and a 9-foot cable with an additional 9-foot extension cable. The Rialto Extension System adds an HD-SDI output, a 12V or 24V output for powering accessories, and multiple screw holes to allow for various rigs. Version 3.0 firmware is required on the Sony VENICE system prior to use with the Rialto Extension System.

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Written by Jake Fruia

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