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Rycote Rocks The Rockstars of HDSLR

Rycote Rocks The Rockstars of HDSLR

Stroud, UK, June, 2011: Rycote is holding a one-day workshop designed to help videographers, film-makers and owners of HDSLR cameras make more of the audio in their videos. If you’re a DSLR owner getting into video recording, a traditional stills photographer trying to get to grips with audio for video for the first time, or even a videographer who’d simply like to brush up on your soundtrack skills, this event is for you.

Entitled ‘Audio for HDSLR Video’ the workshop is taking place on Thursday, July 7th, at Bristol’s dockside Watershed arts venue, running from 9am to 7pm. It will bring together HDSLR and audio equipment manufacturers, experienced audio engineers, and professional DSLR videomakers under one roof, offering visitors an opportunity to make contacts, check out the latest equipment, watch demonstrations of product and techniques, and also learn from the experts in a rolling programme of seminars that will be held throughout the day.

Canon and Pink Noise Systems, who are appearing at the event in association with Rycote, are making cameras, microphones, stand-alone audio recorders and mic premplification systems available for hands-on comparison and experimentation under the helpful guidance of their knowledgeable product demonstrators, while in the seminar room, Rycote designer Chris Woolf, an audio engineer of many years’ experience, will cover some fundamental audio concepts for those visitors who need a crash course. Dan Chung and Philip Bloom, both internationally recognised stills photographers who have turned to making commercial films on DSLRs, will also share the benefit of some of their experiences in their seminars for photographers thinking of making a similar transition. And for those worried about the practicalities of assembling working systems for audio capture with DSLRs, Pink Noise’s John McCrombie will suggest a variety of possible rigs, tailored to suit different budgets.

Rycote have been encouraging better education about audio matters in the video world for several years, but this is their first such workshop. “We recognise that audio often takes a back seat in video and film productions, however misguided that may be,” explains Tim Constable, Rycote’s UK Sales Manager, one of the main instigators of the event. “Also, many of the new generation of videomakers that are using HDSLR cameras for video have come from photographic disciplines, and have little or no experience of capturing audio for video. Sound tends to get short shrift in these productions, because it’s viewed as something of a ‘black art’. This event aims to redress the balance.”

Entrance to the Watershed and the area containing the equipment manufacturers’ stands will be free on July 7, but seating in the seminar room is limited, so entrance to the seminar area will only be possible with a day ticket costing £30 a head. For more information and to book seminar tickets, call Rycote on 01453 759338, or email

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